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Time to Start Holiday Prep!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

It’s October and the holidays are just around the corner! This year you promised yourself was going to be different, better than the whirlwind it was last year. This is your year to make it through the holidays with minimal to no stress. Make it easier on your future self by preparing in advance. Here are some things that we at AIM Renovations recommend for the holidays:

  1. Start Early

What I say Start Early, what I am saying is Start Right Now! Carve out an hour every week and start planning your holiday right now. By the time Christmas comes around, you will thank yourself for starting early. Planning from now will lead to a stress-free holiday season. Imagine it’s December 23rd, all the preparations for your home are handled, all the gifts have been wrapped, the decorations are up, and there you are sitting in your favourite chair, eggnog in hand, the smell of pine wafting through the air. This could be you! All it takes is a little bit of planning on your part and starting early (right now!)

  1. Create a Plan

  2. In order to create a plan, look at:

  3. What events are you having in your home

  4. What are doing leading up to the holidays?

  5. Pre-Christmas events/parties?

  6. What are you doing on Christmas eve?

  7. Christmas day?

  8. Boxing day?

  9. Are you having overnight guests?

  10. Take stock

  11. What do you already have

  12. What do you need to purchase/procure

  13. Pantry items

  14. Decorations

  15. Linens and extra bedding for any guests

  1. High traffic areas

  2. Address high traffic areas such as main hallways, the powder room, the front entrance, etc. Take a fresh look at them as if you are seeing them for the first time. Do they need to be updated? A fresh coat of paint in these areas can go a long way and may be exactly what is needed to spruce up these high traffic areas. They may need some extra lighting or even a new light fixture that can help in updating a space.

  1. Preparing to receive overnight guests

  2. Are the in-laws coming from out of town? Maybe your brother and his family?

  3. Have you figured out where you are going to house them?

  4. Maybe it’s finally time to create that guest room in the basement that you always wanted or convert that extra space at the back of the house into a livable cosy space for guests?

  5. Do you need extra items to make sure that they have a comfortable and memorable stay?

  6. Linens, bedding

  7. Maybe you need to renovate or update your guest bathroom?

  1. Getting your space ready

  2. Declutter your space

  3. If there is clutter in your house, getting rid of a night before your guests arrive may be too stressful. You need to ruthlessly get rid of all the extra stuff in your house. In order for your house to be guest ready every item should have a home and extra/homeless items should be removed. Look at your space with a critical eye to evaluate what any other person walking into your house sees.

  1. Be ready to Entertain

  2. Ask yourself “Is the space ready to entertain?” “Is there anything missing?” “Do I need to borrow/purchase anything that will make it complete?”

  3. Are the decorations up?

  4. Is everything organised so that all you need is 5 minutes before any guest shows up?

  1. Creating extra storage space

  2. You may require extra storage space (such as shelves, closets, cabinets) to house any extra items that do not currently have homes.

  1. Updating your kitchen

  2. Does your kitchen need a makeover?

  3. It could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, updating the cabinet hardware, or a new backsplash.

  4. Or maybe it’s time to renovate the kitchen in time for the holidays (Talk to us! We can help you with that).

  1. Updating the bathroom

  2. Maybe new wall paper or a change in the wall colours?

  3. Maybe a renovation of the guest bathroom or the powder room?

  4. Maybe its time to build that third washroom you have always talked about?

(Please talk to us - we are here to help)

  1. Safety

  2. Holiday lights

  3. Make sure all your decorative lights are in good working condition

  4. Discard and replace any faulty lights

  5. Ensure you have proper electric sockets for lighting, i.e if you are using extension cords, power bars and/or multi-plug adapters that they are in good condition and being used as intended

  6. Candles

  7. Quality

  8. For safety reasons ensure that you are using good quality candles that burn with as little soot as possible, the wick is of good quality that burns clearly, the wax itself is non-toxic, such that indoor air quality is not poorly affected. The other thing to consider is the type of perfume that the candle emits, is it natural or synthetic, are you, your family members allergic/sensitive to any smells or parfums.

  9. Placement

  10. Be sure to place candles in an area where they are clear of other objects, specially curtains, stockings, or any other flammable decorations.

  11. Space Heaters

  12. Space heaters may be needed for those extra cold nights or for those extra cold-sensitive guests. Make sure that you have fully read the instructions and your overnight guests know how to operate the equipment.

  13. Make sure space heaters are plugged into the proper socket.

  14. Also make sure that space heaters are turned off when no one is in the room or when you leave the house.

  15. Fire extinguishers

  16. Ensure that you have working fire extinguishers handy. Make sure to have them tested prior to the holidays and annually.

  17. Fire extinguishers should be placed in various areas of your house such as the kitchen, the basement stairwell, the upstairs hallway (close to the bedrooms)

  18. Install them such that they are out of reach of children but in plain view of any adult in the house

  19. Fire Detectors

  20. Test all the fire-detectors in your home before the holidays and every 4-months. Replace batteries as needed.

  21. Ensure you have adequate fire detectors as per code.

  22. Have a well stocked first aid kit and emergency supplies

  23. The Canadian Red Cross has an extensive list of all the required items in a first aid kit

  24. They also have a list of emergency supplies

  25. Please visit their site for full details:

  1. Have all emergency numbers posted on your fridge for easy access (you may know these numbers off by heart but your out-of-town guests may not!)

We hope the above list helps you in starting your preparations early and assessing your home to be holiday ready and safe. AIM Renovations is here to help with any renovation or upgrade questions you may have.

Happy Holiday Preparation!

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